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Kyasarin [userpic]
by Kyasarin (kannas_mirror)
at October 8th, 2007 (06:52 pm)

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Hello there members ^-^ Genki?

You may have noticed that the community was recently updated with something lately. I hope to regularly update with this kind of information.  I will also be attaching tags to make finding information easier. Please remember this is a learning community, and the admins are learners themselves - so whilst I cannot answer all questions, there may be people who can ^_^
To clear things up a bit, I will be deleting most of the previous posts on this community. If you have posted previously and are concerned about this, I will take a look and preserve any information I think should be saved for others to read again.

I am thinking of adding entries with learning resources (both books and online, etc) for members' reference. If there's something  in particular you joined the community for or would really like to see, please comment.

~キャサリン ★ ☆ ★